This is Bekir, a  Turkish farmer photographed by a friend 50 years ago.  My first portrait quilt. 

About Me

Raggedy Anne Jacket, my friend has worn it to the White House twice, and always gets compliments.

My Background

Starting to sew at a four, I learned  from my mother and great grandmother.  I made most of my clothes by junior high, and later owned a dressmaking business. My "Raggedy Anne Jackets" became popular in Europe in the American military communities, but Art Quilting has been the passion of my life.  To turn a scene into fabric, dyeing, creating textures, and  images from sweet to  powerful ones  in cloth feeds my soul. 


My Medium

Cloth: not just cotton, as the eco -dyed in this image, but silks, satin, polyester, then plastic, wire, mesh, paper, anything that can be applied to cloth with stitches, glue, or printed with paint or ink jet.  Do not think "bed"  but walls, ceiling hung, placed on a table in three dimensions.  

Reflection a sunset over a marsh in winter.  6" x *", it is a donation to SAQA"s Spotlight Auction.

My Inspiration

Reflection is a 6" x 8" donation to SAQA's spotlight auction.  It helps pay for our Journal, shipping of quilts to shows.